I’ll Bless the Rains down in Africa…

Sorry for all those that now have Toto’s song running through your head 🙂 Almost immediately after I posted the last post, the rains started and the election became a circus.

We had some pretty wild rain storms the past few days. Hail one day and white out conditions the next. The good news from four straight days of downpour is that the water tanks are filled, which means I will officially escape Enoosaen without having to wash in the river.

As my time in Enoosaen begins to draw to a close, I decided to buy Mama K another water tank. When she had one recently installed, she had them pour the concrete for another tank, but it was going to take her another year to save up for it. I decided that would be a good thank you gift for housing and feeding me for the past two months. Once installed the three tanks should supply the family for up to two months before a trip to the river is needed.

On the election front, the opposition leader announced last week he was withdrawing from the rerun election scheduled for October 26. He said it was because the electoral commission has not made any changes to the reporting process which resulted in the Supreme Court nullifying the results of the August election. After announcing he was withdrawing, Mr. Odinga promptly left for the UK for a pre-scheduled speaking event. Supposedly, the thinking was that if he withdrew it would force the next in line to become president following the end of the 60 days in which the rerun election was supposed to be held, and the courts would order a new election.  But the electoral commission then comes out and says Mr. Odinga has not withdrawn because he never submitted the proper form informing the commission of his intent to withdraw. At that point, the opposition party, NASA, called for protest in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu, and the government authorized force on those protesters that got out of hand.

After most felt the election was off late last week, most everyone now believes it will go ahead on the 26thOdinga supporters are threatening a boycott unless the commission addresses their concerns. Other than daily intrigue, the political chaos going elsewhere has had very little impact on Enoosaen. Everyone here just wants to get on with life.

So we’ll see. Should be an interesting few days. Friday is a holiday so protests are expected to be larger.

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