Getting to Know Nairobi

It has been extremely easy to get settled in. I’ve spent the past week getting to know the staff members in the Nairobi office. I leave for Enoosaen, the community where the school is located, tomorrow. I’m told Enoosaen is about six hours west of Nairobi and two to three hours east of Lake Victoria. I’ve yet to actually find it on a map though.

Although I’m in a much larger city, and a capital city at that, you still find plenty of people and animals alongside the road. Now, it’s just cattle in the medium or on the shoulder of the highway merging with all the traffic rather than on dirt roads. Yet, there are plenty of high end stores at the mall (after you get through the security) and cars on the roads. This morning I was treated to the full matatu (public bus- sometimes a caravan and sometimes a mid-size bus) experience. I’d heard about them but up until this morning my trips had been pretty mellow by local standards. There are yearly competitions to see who can trick out their vehicle the most. The one that won last year had video screens at each seat and WiFi. My matatu this morning embraced the thinking, the louder the better. You could tell when the driver liked a song (J Low and LL Cool J –All I Have) because the music went up quite a few decimals and the base kicked in to give you the full “massage” effect.

My matatu this morning.

On the way to the office along Ngong road, there are several wood and metal outdoor furniture shops (probably for at least a mile). Some of the pieces are quite nice. Supposedly there is a large expat/diplomatic community that lives in and around the area that the items are intended for.

I’m looking forward to diving in once I get settled in Enoosaen. As of now, I know that I’ll be working on a train the trainer curriculum related to heath and leadership,  helping with some M&E (monitoring and evaluation) to assess impact, and helping project manage the construction of the new high school. I’m sure we’ll add a few more projects once I have a better feel for operations on the ground. Depending on internet access, I’ll post an update once there is more to share.

4 thoughts on “Getting to Know Nairobi”

  1. Hey Jess, in the one pic it looks to be a toilet. Could you pick me one up and ship it to me? Cool, thanks! Also still waiting on those t-shirts. Maybe they got lost in the mail, who knows!😀


  2. The boys and I are really your journals– thanks for keeping us posted on your adventures. Lance would like one of those roadside toilets too!


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