Checking Some of the Boxes

I’ve spent the past week chilling out in Usa River, outside of Arusha, and I’m finally beginning to feel like I’m doing the things I said I wanted to by going abroad. Although I already knew this, I’ve officially confirmed I am not the back-packing type who can jump from location to location. I like to feel settled. I can only live out of a bag for so long before I start to go crazy. I reached that point by the end of my trip to Zanzibar. I’ve very much enjoyed everything I’ve done and seen over the past month, but a month of being on the go was more than enough for me. I’m looking forward to settling down into my volunteer routine.

Although the week was low key, I did get somewhat into a routine of reading, exercising, practicing my language skills, thinking (okay maybe a bit too much of this :))  and getting better acquainted with the town/village. I also managed to get my visa switched to a work visa, which I hear is quite the accomplishment. So good news, I’m now legal. If you are doing any kind of work,  including volunteer, you can’t be on a tourist visa, which I entered the country on. My new talent for the week – I can pretty much tell when the tree movement overhead is monkeys or just the wind blowing. I know which trees to find the blue monkeys in versus the Columbus. And I find myself smiling every evening when I hear the Bush babies.

I also managed to score the recipe for cucumber cream soup (hot soup) from the chefs here at Dik Dik. So yummy!


I’m moving into the volunteer housing later today and will start on Monday. I’ll be volunteering with Jifundishe for the next month. I have a general idea of what I’ll be doing (basic nonprofit management stuff), but we’ll see if that actually comes to fruition when I start. I’ll post more once I start.

Found some stairs to run Gary! And local gym.

Just a sampling of the beautiful flowers I get to enjoy everyday.

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