Getting Settled In

I made it to Tanzania safe and sound.

The flights were long but uneventful. Even at 6 in the morning, the Hamad International Airport in Doha is quite impressive.  I’m now settled in Moshi, Tanzania. The Stella Maris is home for the next few days before I tackle Kilimanjaro.

For those not familiar with my plans, the idea is to mix in travel with volunteer work. I was hoping to jump right into volunteering after finishing the climb, but it looks like July will be devoted to relaxing and exploring. In August, I’ll start volunteering with Jifundishe, and then in September, I’ll begin volunteering with the Kakeyna Center for Excellence. Once I start working with the organizations, I’ll provide greater detail about what I’m doing with each.

I’m using my downtime before the hike to plan out the rest of the month. I arrived in Tanzania without anything specifically booked after Kilimanjaro. Yes, for those that know me well, I know you’re blown away by this statement. But this is all part of the journey … to just go with the flow, right? I’m still trying to convince myself on that one.  If you’re going to be anywhere near me over the next few months please let me know. I’m always game to travel and meet up in exotic locales.

Before we start the hike on the 26th of June, I’ll write up what I know about the climb.

I managed to make it into town this morning to pick up a local SIM card and tour some of the food markets. Lots of similarities here to my times in South East Asia. Vendors selling the exact same thing as far as the eye can see. Really need to teach them about the laws of supply and demand and differentiation. Maybe if I get bored with this relaxation thing, I’ll come up with a little project for myself in the market.

There are photos of the hotel and market on Instagram (@Jessuntethered). I’m definitely finding it easier to post photos there rather than getting them uploaded here.  Thank you Millennials for giving me the push I needed. All of you were right. I was wrong. (Those of you that pushed me should frame/screenshot the “I was wrong” portion. That’s not something you will hear or read from me often.)

Not too much on the agenda tomorrow other than planning out the rest of the month. I think I found a place where I can go for a run, so I may do that in the morning. I’m also going to visit the school that this hotel supports. Other than that it’s all about relaxation.

4 thoughts on “Getting Settled In”

  1. My cousin just spent a year working for an ngo in Tanzania. Let me know if you want a contact. Looking forward to following your adventure!


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